Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best kind of siding? VINYL or HARDI PLANK? Let us help you decide which one best suits your home or project. VINYL SIDING is the most popular and economical. Vinyl Siding is available in a variety of colors and profiles. Maintenance is easy and the warranty can range from 5 years to full lifetime!

HARDI PLANK is our top of the line product and comes in any color you can imagine! It looks like wood and can have up to a 20 year color warranty.

Let our experts help you choose the one that is PERFECT for you! Call us! 250.765.9324

How do I clean my siding? For vinyl siding, the manufacturer's recommend:
• 1/2 cup laundry detergent
• 2/3 cup TSP (Trisodium Phosphate)
• 1 gallon water

For mildew, add up to 1 quart of bleach. Always try a "test" patch first and never use a power washer on your vinyl siding as it will void the warranty.

How often should I clean my gutters? For most homes, one autumn cleaning after the leaves have fallen will keep your gutters clean and in peak performance condition.

Why should I choose Hardi-plank siding? HARDI PLANK is our top of the line siding. It is available in any color you can imagine with a 20 year warranty against fading. The fire retardant value provides our homeowners with added peace of mind.

How much do gutters cost? Let us do the calculation for you! Our experts will measure your house to give you the exact cost including downpipe layout and proper water drainage.

I need a specific colour of siding. Do you have any? Beige Blue Brown! Yes we have it! At Conroy Exteriors we work with every manufacturer to ensure our customers have access to every vinyl siding color available. Bring us a sample and let us do your shopping for you!

What is the "ballpark" price for siding on my house? Are you renovating your 3 storey home or a garden shed? Is there stucco on the house now or will we need to take down the outdated siding first?

Which type of siding would you like us to install? The answers to these questions will give us the information we need to give you the answers to all your questions.

When can you do my quote? Call us TODAY - we will set a time when it is convenient for you. The sooner we know what you need, the sooner we can make it happen!

When can you do my work? With over 20 experienced crews we will work with you on your schedule to get your project done on time and within budget.

Does Conroy Exteriors sell retail? Yes. Package Pricing is affordable and comes with personalized installation advice.

Where is your office? We are located at 215 Adams Road, just off Highway 97 near Sexsmith Road.

Our hours are Monday thru Friday, 7 am to 4pm or later if pre-arranged! 250.765.9324

What's the difference between Alu-Rex's Gutter Clean System and the Fixa-Tech eavestrough fastening system The Gutter Clean System leaf guard is an eavestrough protection system that prevents leaves and debris from getting in and clogging the existing eavestroughs. This product is simply placed on your home's existing eavestroughs. Fixa-Tech is a continuous fastening system for new eavestroughs that very securely fastens eavestroughs to your home, making them 50% stronger than traditional systems.

Both products use the same Alu-Perf eavestrough cover technology, which prevents leaves and debris from building up in your eavestroughs.

Do wet leaves stick to Alu-Rex products? Only temporarily. Alu-Rex products boast a smooth, perforated surface. Just as they may temporarily stick to the hood of your car, leaves and debris that land on the surface of Alu-Rex products dry quickly in the sun.

And unlike your car hood, the surface beneath the wet leaves on your gutter is perforated so they dry faster!

A little wind is all it takes to sweep away dry leaves and debris:
• A 10 km/h wind effectively removes wet leaves and about 100 pine needles per linear foot.
• A 37 km/h wind can remove about an inch (2.5 cm) of pine needles per linear foot.

How do I know when to replace my roof? Some signs that your roof is due for replacement are curling of shingles, surface cracking, blisters, staining, and leaking.

Is there a shingle that has the same look as Shake? Yes there are a few options to choose from if you love the shake look but are ready to switch to shingles. Call us today or come in to see your options.

Will the roof be completely torn off? We recommend a complete removal of the old roof system. We can roof over another layer of shingles but removing the old roof is in your best interest. Placing a new layer of shingles over aging shingles may give the roof an uneven appearance. Also when the roof is removed we can insure that everything under the shingles is on correctly and weather tight.

How long can I expect my roof to last? The lifespan of your roof is dependant on a few things; the type of shingle you choose, the weather and maintenance are the big ones. All of our roofs come with a 10 year workmanship warranty and the product warranty varies from 20 years to lifetime.